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Jeff Cowell

Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold

Ten road-weary tales from the wrong side of outlaw country. Jeff Cowell may have huffed the same narcotic air as Townes Van Zandt and David Allan Coe, but hunkered far from the Nashville city limits, nary a Cash or Paycheck would drunkenly slur through his tunes. Recorded in 1975, Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold is an isolated, backwoods loner epic, top-loaded with odes to hitch-hiking and rambling the crumbling Michigan countryside of Cowell’s hard-drinking youth. Previously available only out of the backs of borrowed cars, truck stops, campgrounds, and country-western bars between Algonac, Detroit, East Lansing, Cadillac, and Manistee, this LP now finds new life in similarly detached environs: the last remaining record stores.

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Track List

  1. Jeff Cowell Jake Lake
  2. Jeff Cowell Momma
  3. Jeff Cowell Go Sweetly
  4. Jeff Cowell And When
  5. Jeff Cowell Lucky Strikes and Liquid Gold
  6. Jeff Cowell We All Know
  7. Jeff Cowell Bring Me Back
  8. Jeff Cowell Can't Make Nothin'
  9. Jeff Cowell Joanne & Jason
  10. Jeff Cowell Not Down This Low