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Jesus Wayne

Rush b/w You Bring Me Up

Having written the infectious theme song to The Chicago Party television series, we felt necessary to bring the pianist/composer into the foreground for his own proper two-parter. This very demo of “Rush” made it into the hands of Charles Davis, who re-recorded the tune for a stray single on Sutra Records in 1982. Included on Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party, “You Bring Me Up” is completely unreleased and represents the pinnacle of early ’80s R&B from Chicago.

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Track List

  1. Jesus Wayne Rush
  2. Jesus Wayne You Bring Me Up
  • The Chicago Party
    Ultra-High Frequencies
  • Burning Up b/w The Taste Of Honey
    Donnell Pitman
  • Saturday Night b/w More Than Enough
    Universal Togetherness Band