Album cover

Jim Spencer & Angie Jarée

Wrap Myself Up

After years in the SSW mines, the bookish Jim Spencer engaged cowriter Ed Tossing to create a hit, and turned out a song so catchy no less than two aspiring vocalists added it to their repertoire. Years later collectors finally took notice, and the late Spencer’s vision of popular music was finally vindicated. This limited 45 rpm edition of “Wrap Myself Up In Your Love” features Spencer on the A-side, and a sexy take by Angie Jarée on the flip. The digital edition adds a slick and soulful rendition by Marshall Titus.

Track List

  1. [B]Jim Spencer[/B] [I]Wrap Myself Up[/I] [B]Angie Jarée[/B] [I]Wrap Myself Up[/I]