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Kathy Heideman

Move With Love

Lodged between a heartbreak and a smoke break, Kathy Heideman’s Move With Love wandered off I-5 somewhere just south of Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area and broke down. At its dusty roadside, cheap truck-stop java flows over plaintive coffeehouse tunes concerning “Bob” and “Need.” Her session hand’s lanky, echo-laden guitar might’ve twanged a bit strong for the typical sandal-shoed hitchhiker, who’d have fell harder for Dylanesque grandeur on “The Earth Won’t Hold Me.” More Bakersfield than Laurel Canyon, and set to walking in 1976 by the one-off Dia imprint in a plain-Jane, black-on-white sleeve, Heideman’s lone LP suffered the geographical misfortune of having ripened in the pre-silicon orchards of San Jose, California, far from more marketable realms—Emmylou’s backyard, say, or Joni Mitchell’s summery lawn. Heideman herself faded out thereafter, packing her shaken, singular voice into a rustic suitcase, moseying on, and leaping into the moving sun.

White Vinyl Edition
  • LP

    1 150g LP
    1 tip-on single LP jacket
    1 side-spine obi

Track List

  1. Kathy Heideman Bob
  2. Kathy Heideman Tell It True
  3. Kathy Heideman Stormy
  4. Kathy Heideman Sleep A Million Years
  5. Kathy Heideman Need
  6. Kathy Heideman Daddy Do
  7. Kathy Heideman Move With Love
  8. Kathy Heideman The Road To Myself
  9. Kathy Heideman The Earth Won't Hold Me
  10. Kathy Heideman Fine Street Woman