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Little Boy Blues

Nothing Left To Say b/w Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen

The band was dying and knew it. Attempting to relight the fire, Little Boy Blues, the quartet that had hit with “The Great Train Robbery” slunk back to the studio one final time, even singing of their future silence, declaring there was “Nothing Left to Say.” Although Chicago has produced its share of rock bands over the decades, few experienced the whiplash fortunes of the Little Boy Blues, their rapid rise followed quickly by a deafening bust. They saw a studio before a stage, played their first shows with the Rolling Stones, nearly disintegrated during the recording of In The Woodland of Weir—their first and final album—and their last songs, which have remained buried until now.

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Track List

  1. Little Boy Blues Nothing Left To Say
  2. Little Boy Blues Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen