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Live Leaves (10 Year Anniversary Edition)

After recording their 2001 opus Leaves Turn Inside You at home, Unwound reconfigured as a quintet to tour this more ambitious repertoire. Added to the mix was original Unwound drummer Brandt Sandeno on keys, and David Scott Stone on guitar. Every feedback squeal, bass chug, and hi-hat sizzle of what would be their final 37 shows was taped, the most compelling bits of which have been edited into a cohesive snapshot of a band at the end of an incredible run. This 10th year anniversary edition adds two additional tracks to the original double album, mastered direct to metal, and otherwise replicated to the tiniest detail. 

Track List

  1. Unwound We Invent You
  2. Unwound Terminus
  3. Unwound December
  4. Unwound Look A Ghost
  5. Unwound Scarlette
  6. Unwound Lifetime
  7. Unwound Corpse Pose
  8. Unwound October All Over
  9. Unwound Arboretum
  10. Unwound Below The Salt
  11. Unwound No Tech
  12. Unwound Valentine Card
  13. Unwound Radio Gra