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Pressed At Boddie

The Boddie Recording Company would press any damn thing to vinyl—absolutely anything, from amateur garage rock to basement soul, from preachers’ sermons to minimal synth pop...even polka pierogi songs and illicit bootlegs of major artists. The company was the work of Cleveland’s Thomas Boddie and his wife Louise, and the wild panoply of different artists, styles, and sounds that found their way to the Boddies’ door eventually amassed into the Boddie Recording Company’s thousand-line discography, an intense document included inside Numero’s Boddie boil-down. Wicked Lester, Hot Chocolate, Harvey and the Phenomenals, Jus’ Us, Love For Dollars and Cents, Berlin West, Slippery When Wet....These artists never met each other and didn't play the same clubs, patronize the same music shops, record in the same studio, or even live in the same city. All they really had in common was the few hundred bucks it took to get their dreams chiseled into Boddie’s filmsy wax. Pressed at Boddie digs 17 tracks deep into a oddity goldmine, in which anything might turn up, turn on, and turn your head inside out.

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    1 CD
    1 10-page booklet
    1 tray card
    1 o-card slipcase

Track List

  1. Jus' Us Don't Stop Smiling
  2. Los Nombres Loving You
  3. Harvey & The Phenomenals Soul And Sunshine
  4. Imperial Wonders Just A Dream
  5. Berlin West Snake Pit
  6. Slippery When Wet Get Me Hot
  7. Bill Spoon Love Is On The Way
  8. The Defaulters Gentle Man
  9. The Harmonics Let Me Go
  10. The Donations I'm Gonna Treat You Good
  11. Love For Dollars And Cents Into The Next World
  12. Hot Chocolate Good For The Gander
  13. The Basement Funky Music
  14. Wicked Lester Woman, You're Gonna Pay For Th
  15. Mae Young Let's Give Our Love A Try
  16. Donald Eckert Play It Slow
  17. Russell Potter The Voyage Of The Nautilus