Album cover

Ned Doheny

The Darkness Beyond The Fire

Somewhere in the early 1990s the world as Ned Doheny knew it ceased to exist. His wife walked out, plans with his son were relegated to the weekends, and his contract with Japan’s Polystar label demanded a new album. Demos were issued as finished product, leaving a poor taste in Doheny’s mouth. “In the years following my divorce I had an opportunity to explore the underlying causes for my misadventures and these songs took on new meaning for me,” Doheny said. Rerecorded as a complete body of work, Darkness Beyond The Fire is Ned Doheny’s fourth album, self released on his own Tres Rosas label in 2010.

  • CD

    1 x Compact Disc
    10 tracks totaling 45 minutes
    1 x full color digipack
    1 x 8 page saddle-stitched booklet

Track List

  1. Ned Doheny Between Two Worlds
  2. Ned Doheny Perish The Thought
  3. Ned Doheny Too Late For Love
  4. Ned Doheny Ghostdancer
  5. Ned Doheny The Secret Society Of Women
  6. Ned Doheny Love In The Rear View Mirror
  7. Ned Doheny Trail's End
  8. Ned Doheny Life After Romance
  9. Ned Doheny In A Perfect World
  10. Ned Doheny I Will Let You Go