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Ned Doheny

To Prove My Love b/w Vocal Version

In anticipation of Ned Doheny’s March 2015 tour of the UK, we pressed up a limited pic sleeve 45 of the cut that first made Ned famous across the pond. For reasons not entirely clear, the infectious Prone opener “To Prove My Love” debuted in 1979 on the Japanese-only LP with its verses omitted. This “TV Track,” as such items were known, was provided by engineers to facilitate televised performances or opportunities for voiceovers. Whether utilized by mistake or by preference, Ned Doheny’s third and final album of the ’70s has spent the last three decades with a piece missing. In various compact disc reissues from various land masses, the TV Track and Vocal versions have been used interchangeably with no distinction. This 45 exists to give the listener control over which “To Prove My Love” they can remain faithful to.

  • 45

    1 black large hole 7

Track List

  1. Ned Doheny To Prove My Love (Instrumental)
  2. Ned Doheny To Prove My Love (Vocal Version)