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Ork Records

Complete Singles

At the epicenter of New York’s most significant music scene was an instantly-forgotten record label: Ork Records, the first punk label and the original “indie.” For the first time ever, the monumental output of this explosive imprint’s 1975-1979 run is all in one place. Sixteen singles that birthed punk, no-wave, power pop, and the next four decades of indie rock, including the debut releases from Television, Richard Hell, Richard Lloyd, Cheetah Chrome, Alex Chilton, the dBs, and Chris Stamey, plus future nuggets by the Revelons, Student Teachers, Prix, Marbles, Idols, Mick Farren, and Link Cromwell, and previously unreleased singles from the Feelies and Erasers. This is a limited edition of 2000 carefully replicated 7” sleeves ensconced in a custom box modeled on period-specific Ork mailing labels.

  • 16x45

    16 black 7"
    1 Numero sleeve
    15 printed inner sleeve
    1 cardboard mailer box with custom stamps

Track List

  1. Television Little Johnny Jewel (Part 1)
  2. Television Little Johnny Jewel (Part 2)
  3. Richard Hell Another World
  4. Richard Hell Blank Generation
  5. Richard Hell You Gotta Lose
  6. Marbles Red Light
  7. Marbles Fire And Smoke
  8. Alex Chilton Free Again
  9. Alex Chilton Singer Not The Song
  10. Alex Chilton Take Me Home
  11. Alex Chilton All Of The Time
  12. Alex Chilton Summertime Blues
  13. Prix Everytime I Close My Eyes
  14. Prix Girl
  15. Prix Zero
  16. Mick Farren Play With Fire
  17. Mick Farren Lost Johnny
  18. Link Cromwell Crazy Like A Fox
  19. Link Cromwell Shock Me
  20. Chris Stamey The Summer Sun
  21. Chris Stamey Where The Fun Is
  22. Chris Stamey & The dBs I Thought You Wanted To Know
  23. Chris Stamey & The dBs If And When
  24. The Feelies Fa Cé-La
  25. The Feelies Forces At Work
  26. Richard Lloyd Get Off My Cloud
  27. Richard Lloyd Connection
  28. The Erasers Funny
  29. The Erasers I Won't Give Up
  30. The Idols You
  31. The Idols Girl That I Love
  32. The Revelons The Way (You Touch My Hand)
  33. The Revelons 97 Tears
  34. Cheetah Chrome Still Wanna Die
  35. Cheetah Chrome Take Me Home
  36. The Student Teachers Channel 13
  37. The Student Teachers Christmas Weather