Album cover

Ork Records

New York, New York

In August of 1975, the world’s first punk record label was born. Ork Records: New York, New York is a tale of Terry Ork, a film-obsessed fugitive of Warhol’s Factory set. Ork’s impresario ear would pull damaged, literate new rock music from the pregnant Bowery grime of CBGB, resulting in debut 45s by Television and Richard Hell, as well as landmark recordings by the Feelies and Lester Bangs. It’s a tale of Charles Ball, who’d steer Ork Records through solo exploits by Big Star’s Alex Chilton and the dBs’ Chris Stamey. And it’s a tale told in scorching sides by Richard Lloyd, Marbles, Prix, Mick Farren, Cheetah Chrome, the Idols, the Erasers, the Revelons, Student Teachers, and more. Our deluxe hardback book features evocative, unseen imagery, a portal opened by on-the-scene photojournalists as crucial to documenting punk’s conception in the squalid Lower East Side as the walls of CBGB itself. Ork Records: New York, New York is a visionary glimpse of punk and new wave as invented, nurtured, feted, and forgotten by the street-level artisans who attended the genre’s arrival.

Track List

  1. Television Little Johnny Jewel
  2. Feelies Fa Ce La
  3. Richard Hell (I Belong To The) Blank Generation
  4. The Revelons The Way (You Tough My Hand)
  5. Erasers I Won't Give Up
  6. Alex Chilton All Of The Time
  7. Chris Stamey & The dBs (I Thought) You Wanted To Know
  8. Prix Zero
  9. Marbles Red Lights
  10. Alex Chilton Take Me Home & Make Me Like It
  11. Prix Girl
  12. The Idols Girl That I Love
  13. Mick Farren & The New Wave Lost Johnny
  14. Cheetah Chrome Still Wanna Die
  15. The Idols You
  16. The Student Teachers Christmas Weather
  17. Erasers It Was So Funny (The Song That They Sung)
  18. Richard Hell (I Could Live With You) (In) Another World
  19. Chris Stamey The Summer Sun
  20. Alex Chilton Free Again
  21. Richard Lloyd (I Thought) You Wanted To Know
  22. The Student Teachers Channel 13
  23. Chris Stamey Where The Fun Is
  24. Prix Everytime I Close My Eyes
  25. Feelies Forces At Work
  26. Marbles Fire And Smoke
  27. The Revelons 97 Tears
  28. Cheetah Chrome Take Me Home
  29. Richard Hell You Gotta Lose
  30. Chris Stamey & The dBs If And When
  31. Mick Farren & The New Wave Play With Fire
  32. Richard Lloyd Get Off My Cloud
  33. Alex Chilton The Singer Not The Song
  34. Richard Lloyd Connection
  35. Alex Chilton Summertime Blues
  36. Mick Farren & The New Wave To Know Him Is To Love Him
  37. Link Cromwell Crazy Like A Fox
  38. Link Cromwell Shock Me
  39. Kenneth Higney I Wanna Be The King
  40. Lester Bangs Let It Blurt
  41. Alex Chilton Bangkok
  42. Peter Holsapple Big Black Truck
  43. Prix She Might Look My Way
  44. Alex Chilton Can't Seem To Make You Mine
  45. Prix Love You All Day Long
  46. Alex Chilton Shakin' The World
  47. Prix Love You Tonight
  48. Lester Bangs Live
  49. Kenneth Higney Funky Kinky