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Periodical Numerical

The Nineties Issue

Celebrate the sights and sounds of the end of the 20th century via the fourth issue of our beloved Periodical. Whether you’re into UK Street soul, self-help mysticism, emo, or slowcore, there’s something in the Nineties issue for you. We’ve sketched out the Duster family tree, Simon Reynolds went long on the V4Visions catalog, and Leor Galil breaks down the anatomy of a split 7”. Elsewhere, Jane Penny of TOPS talks synths and science with Happy Rhodes, Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan remembers Seam’s brief stay in Chapel Hill, and Natalie Weiner digs deep into the smooth jazz underground with George Shaw. This full color, perfect bound, 94-page book is the best $9 you’ll spend on music journalism this year.

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