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Periodical Numerical

The Reflection Issue

Over the course of this bastard year of 2020, Numero will issue nearly 150 digital-only “records.” In previous years we may have attempted to press many of these, but as our world and industry change in light of the ongoing ecological crisis, we know that it’s irresponsible to commit precious resources to every flight of fancy. Our love for the physical hasn’t diminished—we’re still pressing a select number of LPs, box sets, and 45s—but at the end of the day, the music is what’s important, not the format.

Enter Periodical Numerical, our attempt to bridge the gap between physical and digital, providing a bit of context for all those 1s and 0s. This third issue of our print magazine offers an entertaining and informative guide to the Numero Group universe, diving deep into the vast collection of digital-only releases we’ve put out over the last year. This edition focuses on the artists and stories surrounding Reflection Records, with features on Catherine Howe, Andwella, and David Lewis. We also explore the world of Louis Wayne Moody High and Whispers Lounge. All are covered in various depths by our in-house staff of wordsmiths, alongside contributions from Tyler Wilcox, Jesse Jarnow, and Colin Joyce.

We’ve printed up 1000 copies of issue three, and priced at $9 they aren’t likely to last long. We’re not living in the future yet, but Numero is getting closer to it every day.