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After including Carla Sciaky’s lovely “And I A Fairytale Lady” on our Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon compilation, we went ahead and had the original tapes for the "Fairytale Lady" source album transferred. Issued in 1973 on Colorado’s Folkways-shaped Owl imprint, Propinquity is the only album this Boulder group ever recorded. Steeped in the CSNY tradition of strong solo pieces knotted together by friendship, the album is a dreamy blend of folk and rock—rural, but with an urbane public school sensibility. The original 10-track album has been expanded to 14, with two unreleased tracks, and two others previously featured only on Owl’s 1971 Sing-In Boulder compilation.

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Track List

  1. Propinquity People Come
  2. Propinquity And I A Fairy Tale Lady
  3. Propinquity Tappan Square
  4. Propinquity You Don't Have To Hurry
  5. Propinquity Standing In The Doorway
  6. Propinquity Dorian: 240 Lament
  7. Propinquity Window
  8. Propinquity Binghamton
  9. Propinquity I'll Be Here In The Morning
  10. Propinquity Ohio
  11. Propinquity Miles Before Sleeping
  12. Propinquity Sea Song
  13. Propinquity Suite For Windy Spring
  14. Propinquity Child
  15. Propinquity Where I'm Bound
  16. Propinquity Chermaine