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Man For My Lady

The third in ours series of disco 12"s hails from the T.S.O.B. label, a tiny Brooklyn outfit that operated from 1980 to 1982. While the label is best known for supplying the infectious horn sample in the Beastie Boys’ "Brass Monkey," there were a handful of other amazing T.S.O.B. 12" singles that somehow blew by the ears of Mike D and company. “Man For My Lady” was a semi-custom offering by Sabata, an alias for legendary R&B producer George Kerr. The track is boogie to the B, replete with electro keys and enough 808 to get even the most stapled of wall flowers to bend a knee. The original and an edit are both offered here, along with an extended instrumental re-edit by Earwig.

Track List

  1. Sabata Man For My Lady
  2. Sabata Man For My Lady (Instrumental)
  3. Sabata Man For My Lady (Re-edit)