Album cover

Sanford Clark

They Call Me Country

Propelled by his 1956 Lee Hazlewood-produced hit “The Fool,” Sanford Clark was already a rockabilly legend in his own right by the time he swapped his hair gel and switchblade for a pair of cowboy boots on They Call Me Country. Recorded between 1965-67 and originally released as a series of singles for Phoenix’s Ramco label, the 12 tracks on this LP borrow Bakersfield’s outlaw sound and ignore Nashville’s countrypolitan flair, standing as a true lost masterpiece of country music’s third generation. Clark’s booming baritone tells tales of bar fights, heartaches, and drinking til you can’t stand, while Waylon Jennings provides a backdrop of fuzzed out guitar twang. Mastered from the original session tapes and back on vinyl for the first time since the Nixon administration.

Track List

  1. Sanford Clark The Fool
  2. Sanford Clark Shades
  3. Sanford Clark They Call Me Country
  4. Sanford Clark Climbin’ the Walls
  5. Sanford Clark Step Aside
  6. Sanford Clark Once Upon a Time
  7. Sanford Clark It’s Nothin’ to Me
  8. Sanford Clark Where’s the Door
  9. Sanford Clark The Big Lie
  10. Sanford Clark Calling All Hearts
  11. Sanford Clark Big, Big Day Tomorrow
  12. Sanford Clark Black Jack County Chain