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Days of Thunder

The debut EP from Seam arrived on Homestead in the fall of 1991 with heavy expectations. Bitch Magnet’s Sooyoung Park and Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan summer band had squirmed its way into making a record—listeners were not failed. Side A features the non-album track “Days of Thunder,” while B opens with a demo of “Grain,” two fuzzy slow core numbers that Sooyoung had been tinkering with since Bitch Magnet split the year prior. The flip’s B2 is a hushed, minimally percussive take on The Big Boys’ “Which Way To Go,” with Randy “Biscuit” Turner’s thrashing squeals boiled down to a soft murmur by bassist Lexi Mitchell.

  • 7" (Rollercoaster Vinyl)


Track List

  1. Seam Days of Thunder
  2. Seam Which Way To Go
  3. Seam Look Back In Anger