Album cover

Sidney Barnes/Lovejoy Productions

The Ember Song b/w Greyhound Jingles

Two soul jingles repressed in conjunction with our 2012 Chicago pop-up store. “The Ember Song” is a production of Richard Pegue, featuring Rotary Connection’s Sidney Barnes, recorded for The Ember Furniture Co. in 1969. “Feeling Tired” and “Greyhound And Grooved” were commissioned and recorded for Greyhound in 1969 by the Tel-Fi Studios team (Richard Pegue, Jim Porter [the Jay Pee, Sagport, and Erect labels], and Robert Pairs [the Orr label]), with backing by the South Shore Commission.

  • 45

    1 x standard weight 45 RPM 7”
    3 tracks totaling 8 minutes
    1 x stock Numero sleeve

Track List

  1. Sidney Barnes The Ember Song
  2. Lovejoy Productions Feeling Tired
  3. Lovejoy Productions Greyhound And Grooved