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Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller Street Gang

Soul Strokes b/w Remind Me

Hoping to cash in on the instrumental craze made popular by Cadet’s Soulful Strings project, Twinight hired journeyman guitarist Sidney Pinchback to set down a few psychedelic licks over the backing tracks for Syl Johnson’s “Different Strokes.” For “Remind Me”—credited to the Schiller Street Gang (a reference to the street Twinight co-owner Howard Bedno lived on)—Pinchback laid down fuzzy ruminations where Syl Johnson’s never-tracked vocals were slated to appear. Cut at Chess’s Ter Mar studio, the band was likely a mixture of Richard Pegue’s house band the South Shore Commission and whatever session players were hanging about that day. Both cuts have a distinct Electric Mud by way of Rotary Connection feel to them, and were slated to appear on an all-instrumental LP by the Chicago Sound Machine, which never materialized.

  • 45

    1 x standard weight 45 RPM 7”
    2 tracks totaling 6 minutes
    1 x Custom monotone Twinight sleeve

Track List

  1. Sidney Pinchback Soul Strokes
  2. Sidney Pinchback Remind Me