Album cover

Super Static Fever

Silent Dynamic Torture

A band that played so loud their entire fan base went deaf and never spoke of them again. Formed in 1993 in the go-nowhere exurb of San Jose, California, Super Static Fever played only a handful of gigs in their brief two year existence, punishing spectators with a tinnitus-inducing wah-wah wall of Marshall-stacked distortion. Their sound was a mix of Melvins-esque sludge, Swervedriver’s melodic crunch, and latter-day Black Flag’s penchant for volume, as heard from the stock stereo of a hot-boxed 1985 Ford Econoline. Unfinished tapes from two ear-bleeding sessions are all that survived the ensuing 25 years since their indifferent break-up, mixed by the exacting Steve Albini as the band’s one condition for reissue. The package reeks of the ’90s computer-crippled D.I.Y. aesthetic, with VHS blur and opaque white screened on chipboard. A record that just barely does, and probably should not, exist.

Limited to 500 copies.

Track List

  1. Super Static Fever Acid Sweet Happening
  2. Super Static Fever Areness For Fun
  3. Super Static Fever Scent Sample Feed
  4. Super Static Fever Sonic Seller Song
  5. Super Static Fever Fake Calm Existing
  6. Super Static Fever Lovely Kill Smile
  7. Super Static Fever Happy Frown Styles