Album cover

Syl Johnson

Dresses Too Short

Syl Johnson’s first LP hit stores in the summer of 1969. True to its era, it wasn’t so much an album as a collection of singles. The four non-single tracks (“Soul Drippin’,” “Fox Hunting On The Weekend,” “Same Kind Of Thing,” and “I’ve Got The Real Thing”—none of them a throwaway) were outtakes tacked on to capitalize on the expanding long-player market. Prolific designer and photographer Jerry Griffith shot the cover on a South Michigan Avenue building’s balcony. Despite blaring its title in Christmas-y, green-and-red cover lettering, Dresses Too Short never found its season creatively or commercially, selling just a few thousand copies before being discontinued in the mid ’70s.

Sprite Bottle Green Edition
  • LP

    1 150g LP
    1 tip-on single LP jacket
    1 side-spine obi
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Track List

  1. Syl Johnson Dresses Too Short
  2. Syl Johnson I Can Take Care Of Business
  3. Syl Johnson Different Strokes
  4. Syl Johnson Soul Drippin'
  5. Syl Johnson Fox Hunting On The Weekend
  6. Syl Johnson Ode To Soul Man
  7. Syl Johnson Come On Sock It To Me
  8. Syl Johnson I'll Take Those Skinny Legs
  9. Syl Johnson Try Me
  10. Syl Johnson Same Kind Of Thing
  11. Syl Johnson I've Got The Real Thing
  12. Syl Johnson Sorry 'Bout Dat