Album cover

Technicolor Paradise

Daiquiri Dirges

The first moments of our 2018 compilation Technicolor Paradise set a mood like few others. A bulging piano pounds out a simple chord followed by two minutes of epic guitar noodling. The vibe is surf, but not quite. If wave riding was more of a seated than standing activity, and less wet. And preferably with a high ball of Scotch, neat. That first disc, Daiquiri Dirges, examines that complicated latitude of exotica and primitive rock n’ roll, guitar music that was more rolling blue waves than rocking breaks.

While the Technicolor Paradise box set has been long out of print, 70 loose copies of Daiquiri Dirges emerged from our Chicago Warehouse while cleaning up our inventory for @paved_paradise. Grab yours before they're gone forever this time.

Repress available in random brown or black Screenprinted Jacket

Track List

  1. Chuck "Big Guitar" Ernest with the Satellite Band Blue Oasis
  2. The Sound Breakers Marooned
  3. The Wailers Driftwood
  4. Lenny & the Thundertones The Moon of Manakoora
  5. Biscaynes with Co-Encidentals Midnight in Montevideo
  6. Red Garrison & His Zodiacs Chant of the Jungle
  7. The Palatons Jungle Guitar
  8. Chayns Live with the Moon
  9. Bailey's Nervous Kats featuring James Mills Cobra
  10. The Blazers Sound of Mecca
  11. The Crew The Jaguar Hunt
  12. Gems Slave Girl
  13. Jerry & the Catalinas The Arabian Knight
  14. The Jaguars Night Walker
  15. The Voodoos The Voodoo Walk
  16. The Shelltones Blue Castaway
  17. The Blue Bells Atlantis
  18. Bill & Jean Bradway Paradise Isle