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Teen Expo

The Cleopatra Label

From a basement in New Jersey, Tommy Falcone remade himself into a DIY Phil Spector. From 1962 to 1970, he founded and ran Cleopatra Records, discovered and mentored young Garden State talent, wrote songs and produced wild studio effects, and quit his day job to promote it all himself. Trained as an accordionist, Falcone had a whirlwind imagination and an omnivorous approach to genre, expressed through acts like the Centuries, the Tabbys, Johnny Silvio, the Inmates, Bernadette Carroll, the Hallmarks, Vickie & the Van Dykes, the Shandillons, Eugene Viscione, the Shoestring, and more. Cleopatra became a time-capsule of every 1960s pop style imaginable—garage rock, psychedelia, surf, girl groups, soul, novelties, exotica, even a crooner—a kaleidoscope of sound in search of the ever-elusive hit record.

  • 2xLP

    2 150g black LP
    1 2-pocket tip-on gatefold LP jacket on uncoated stock
    1 24-page 11x11 book

Track List

  1. The Inmates Crystal Ball
  2. Vickie & The Van Dykes True Love
  3. The Reminiscents For Your Love
  4. The Hallmarks Miss Judith Finch
  5. Bernadette Carroll Care A Little
  6. The Shandillons Shoop De Hoop Twine
  7. The Inmates You Tell Lies
  8. The Hallmarks Soul Shakin' Psychedelic Sally
  9. The Shoestring Candy Andy
  10. Tommy Manno Conceited
  11. Eugene Viscione Parting Kiss
  12. Bernadette Carroll Heavenly
  13. The Tabbys Hong Kong Baby
  14. Dick Thunder Gee But I'm Lonesome
  15. Vickie & The Van Dykes Outcast
  16. The Hallmarks Paper Sky
  17. The Centuries Beach Umbrella World
  18. The Inmates It's So Very Hard
  19. Jimmy Davis Mister Wind
  20. Johnny Silvio Julieanne
  21. The Hallmarks Distant Rain
  22. Bernadette Carroll When We're Older
  23. The Centuries Outer Limits
  24. The Hallmarks Baby We Can Make It Together
  25. The Centuries Anniversary Hop
  26. The Ovations Kiss Me Bye Bye