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The Mist

The Girl In The Window b/w Life Walked Out

Among the rarest singles cut for Chicago’s Twinight label, The Mist’s lone single was issued without the group’s knowledge or basic understanding that their name had been changed. “The Mist were ’in the mist,’” joked member Ray Foreman. The quartet began life as the Delmontes in Kansas City, slowly working their way to Chicago where they morphed into the Visitors. A deal with Brunswick’s Dakar subsidiary resulted in two heart stopping 45s at the tail end of the ’60s and a spot on the Brunswick revue with Barbara Acklin, the Chi-lites, the Artistics, and Tyrone Davis. When Brunswick lost interest, the quartet cut a shelved album for Barry Despenza’s Dispo concern before finding themselves in a production deal with a pre-Motown Mark Davis and his songwriting partners Leamon Cox and Willie Durham (who had already been responsible for the similarly mysterious Living Color and Third Creation singles for the Madhatter label). The trio would head to Motown’s staff shortly after The Mist failed to materialize on the charts, bringing the Third Creation with them. “The Girl In The Window” b/w “Life Walked Out” were barely issued in February 1971, in what would be Twinight’s last year in business, and the group would not continue as either The Mist, or The Visitors.

*Original Japanese Sleeve not included*

  • 45

    1 x standard weight 45 RPM 7”
    2 tracks totaling 8 minutes
    1 x stock Numero sleeve
    1 x 7" x 7" duotone insert

Track List

  1. The Mist The Girl In The Window
  2. The Mist Life Walked Out