Album cover

D.R. Hooker

The Truth

A real people music masterpiece, D.R. Hooker’s 1972 debut meets at the be-in of drug-addled hippy psychedelia and evangelical Christianity. Conjuring visions of an L.S.D.-damaged Frank Sinatra or Lou Reed playing the role of a divorced suburban dad, The Truth is a religious midlife crisis disguised as a private press LP. Forge your own chains, indeed.


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Track List

  1. A1 The Sea
  2. A2 Fall In Love
  3. A3 A Stranger's Smile
  4. A4 Weather Girl
  5. A5 This Thing
  6. B1 Forge Your Own Chains
  7. B2 I'm Leaving You
  8. B3 The Truth
  9. B4 The Bible
  10. B5 Falling Asleep