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Joyce Street

Tied Down

A ’70s homemaker stuck between the studio and getting dinner on the table, Joyce Street eked out an arresting countrypolitan discography in the margins of an otherwise traditional American life. With lyrics drawn from the pages of her diary, Street’s stirring Mississippi warble led her into the fly-by-night world of custom studios, cutting tracks for upstart country concerns like Reena, Sonobeat, Revelation, and Arc. Channeling the honky tonk angel energy of Bobbie Gentry, Lorretta Lynn, and Jeannie C. Riley, Tied Down compiles a decade’s worth of melodies disguised as lottery tickets.

Track List

  1. Joyce Street Life Ain't Worth Livin' (If I Can't Have You)
  2. Joyce Street That Man Of Mine
  3. Joyce Street Woman Do Something Nice
  4. Joyce Street Mississippi Moonshine
  5. Joyce Street Don't Make Me Cry
  6. Joyce Street Tied Down
  7. Joyce Street Music Soft and the Lights Down Low
  8. Joyce Street California You're Slippin'
  9. Joyce Street The Good Book Says It's Wrong
  10. Joyce Street Back Streets Of Your City
  11. Joyce Street Love In My Heart
  12. Joyce Street When You Belong To Me
  13. Joyce Street California You're Slippin' [Demo]
  14. Joyce Street Lost Highway