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Gather your loved ones, Together is here. Duster’s fourth album is a 13-song exploration of comfortable, interplanetary goth. A sonic vaseline of submerged guitars, solder-burned synths, and over-driven rhythm tracks. “I know people say, ‘Oh Duster music so sad, we've even said it ourselves before,” Clay Parton said. “But it's a lot more like absurdism than nihilism.”

Track List

  1. Duster New Directions
  2. Duster Retrograde
  3. Duster N
  4. Duster Time Glitch
  5. Duster Teeth
  6. Duster Escalator
  7. Duster Familiar Fields
  8. Duster Moonroam
  9. Duster Sleepyhead
  10. Duster Making Room
  11. Duster Drifter
  12. Duster Feel No Joy
  13. Duster Sad Boys