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No Energy

As a robust rock underground got swallowed alive by the Major Label Industrial Complex, the very autonomous Unwound—Olympia, Washington’s Great Noise Hope—toed the troublesome line between pay check and Check Engine light. Captured in the gaps of a ruthless touring schedule, defining fourth and fifth albums The Future of What and Repetition were issued in the back-to-back springs of 1995 and ’96. Both find the band severing their post-hardcore roots, for gripping detours into Echoplex, kraut, D&B, and Mingus, as guided by a sun-worn copy of Book Your Own Fuckin’ Life.

No Energy collects both of these 1990s masterworks, beginning with Justin Trosper’s home-made haircut stabs on “New Energy,” continuing with Vern Rumsey’s reanimating bass on “Corpse Pose,” and closing in a wall of Sara Lund crash cymbals on “For Your Entertainment.” This 33-song collection is buttressed by singles and period live tracks, a pile of double-exposed photographs, and a 10,000 word essay by latter-day Unwound diarist David Wilcox.

  • 3xLP

    3 150g LPs
    3 single LP tip-on jackets
    3 printed Euro sleeves
    3 double-sided inserts
    1 24-page 12.5

Track List

  1. Unwound New Energy
  2. Unwound Demolished
  3. Unwound Natural Disasters
  4. Unwound Re-Enact the Crime
  5. Unwound Equally Stupid
  6. Unwound Pardon My French
  7. Unwound Descension
  8. Unwound Accidents on Purpose
  9. Unwound Petals Like Bricks
  10. Unwound Vern’s Answer to the Masses
  11. Unwound Here Come The Dogs
  12. Unwound Disappoint
  13. Unwound Swan
  14. Unwound Message Received
  15. Unwound Corpse Pose
  16. Unwound Unauthorized Autobiography
  17. Unwound Lowest Common Denominator
  18. Unwound Sensible
  19. Unwound Lady Elect
  20. Unwound Fingernails on a Chalkboard
  21. Unwound Murder Movies
  22. Unwound Next Exit
  23. Unwound Devoid
  24. Unwound Go to Dallas and Take a Left
  25. Unwound For Your Entertainment
  26. Unwound Corpse Pose (Single version)
  27. Unwound Everything is Weird
  28. Unwound Seen Not Heard
  29. Unwound Next Exit
  30. Unwound MKULTRA
  31. Unwound Usual Dosage
  32. Unwound Swan