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What Was Wound

The definitive Unwound. All seven of their studio albums, nine singles, 24 compilation tracks, complete Peel Sessions, original demo tape, original Fake Train recorded with Tim Green, Live Leaves, a disc of live rarities, and pre-unwound band Giant Henry’s complete recordings (plus 2001 reunion show), plus a 90-minute DVD filled with live footage, videos, and other detritus of the VHS era. Foil-wrapped hardcover book contains David Wilcox’s complete 40,000 word liner notes, reflections by Justin Trosper, Sara Lund, and Brandt Sandeno, map of Olympia punk houses, dozens of previously unpublished photographs, a flyer gallery, and annotated discography.

  • 10xCD + DVD

    10 x compact discs
    193 tracks
    1 x region free DVD
    2 x music videos
    78 minutes of live performance video
    1 x foil-wrapped slipcase
    1 x foil-wrapped CD folio
    1 x 256 page, foil-wrapped, hard bound book
    40,000 word liner notes by David Wilcox

Track List

  1. Giant Henry Super Nova
  2. Giant Henry Gas Cap
  3. Giant Henry Listenator
  4. Giant Henry Stopt
  5. Giant Henry No Duh
  6. Giant Henry Huckleberries
  7. Giant Henry Beautiful Name
  8. Giant Henry Thumb Question
  9. Giant Henry Linoleum
  10. Giant Henry Refrigeration Scheme
  11. Giant Henry Fathom It Again
  12. Giant Henry Chris Jordan
  13. Unwound Crab Nebula (Live)
  14. Unwound Rising Blood (Live)
  15. Unwound Understand and Forget (Live)
  16. Unwound You Bite My Tongue (Live)
  17. Unwound Super Nova (Live)
  18. Unwound Listenator (Live)
  19. Unwound Rubber Band Heart (Live)
  20. Unwound Beautiful Name (Live)
  21. Unwound Huckleberries (Live)
  22. Unwound Kid Is Gone (Chant of Vengeance) (Live)
  23. Unwound Prospect (Live)
  24. Unwound Hating In D (Live)
  25. Unwound Kandy Korn Rituals (Live)
  26. Unwound Against (Live)
  27. Unwound Chis Jordan (Live)
  28. Unwound Bionic
  29. Unwound Whilst You're Ahead
  30. Unwound Lying at Best
  31. Unwound Crab Nebula
  32. Unwound Stumbling Back
  33. Unwound LD-50
  34. Unwound Rubber Band Heart
  35. Unwound Caterpillar
  36. Unwound Miserific Condition
  37. Unwound Love and Fear
  38. Unwound You Speak Jealousy
  39. Unwound Antifreeze
  40. Unwound Rising Blood
  41. Unwound Understand & Forget
  42. Unwound Fingertips
  43. Unwound You Bite My Tongue
  44. Unwound Stuck In the Middle of Nowhere Again
  45. Unwound Warmth
  46. Unwound Prospect
  47. Unwound Kid Is Gone (Chant of Vengeance)
  48. Unwound Kandy Korn Rituals
  49. Unwound Against
  50. Unwound I'd Die To Know You
  51. Unwound Sugarfit
  52. Unwound Dragnalus
  53. Unwound Unwound
  54. Unwound Nervous Energy
  55. Unwound Valentine Card
  56. Unwound Kantina
  57. Unwound We Are And Was Or Is
  58. Unwound Honourosis
  59. Unwound Pure Pain Sugar
  60. Unwound Gravity Slips
  61. Unwound Star Spangled Hell
  62. Unwound Ratbite
  63. Unwound Feeling$ Real
  64. Unwound Eternalux
  65. Unwound Dragnalus (Red House Demo)
  66. Unwound Pure Pain Sugar (Red House Demo)
  67. Unwound Gravity Slips (Red House Demo)
  68. Unwound Unsympathetica (Red House Demo)
  69. Unwound New Radio Hit (Red House Demo)
  70. Unwound Flight Attendant (Red House Demo)
  71. Unwound Valentine (Red House Demo)
  72. Unwound Pinwheel Signaling (Red House Demo)
  73. Unwound Nervous Energy (Red House Demo)
  74. Unwound Lucky Acid (Red House Demo)
  75. Unwound Untitled 1
  76. Unwound Entirely Different Matters
  77. Unwound What Was Wound
  78. Unwound Envelope
  79. Unwound Hexenzsene
  80. Unwound Abstraktions
  81. Unwound All Souls Day
  82. Unwound Usual Dosage
  83. Unwound Arboretum
  84. Unwound Fiction Friction
  85. Unwound Broken E-Strings
  86. Unwound Totality
  87. Unwound MKULTRA
  88. Unwound Negated
  89. Unwound Said Serial
  90. Unwound Census
  91. Unwound Plight
  92. Unwound Unsympathetica
  93. Unwound Another Practice
  94. Unwound New Energy
  95. Unwound Demolished
  96. Unwound Natural Disasters
  97. Unwound Re-Enact The Crime
  98. Unwound Equally Stupid
  99. Unwound Pardon My French
  100. Unwound Descension
  101. Unwound Accidents On Purpose
  102. Unwound Petals Like Bricks
  103. Unwound Vern's Answer To The Masses
  104. Unwound Here Come The Dogs
  105. Unwound Disappoint
  106. Unwound Swan
  107. Unwound Full Explanation Of Answer
  108. Unwound Excuse Me…
  109. Unwound ...But Pardon…
  110. Unwound ...My French
  111. Unwound Swan (Live)
  112. Unwound Message Received
  113. Unwound Corpse Pose
  114. Unwound Unauthorized Autobiography
  115. Unwound Lowest Common Denominator
  116. Unwound Sensible
  117. Unwound Lady Elect
  118. Unwound Fingernails On a Chalkboard
  119. Unwound Murder Movies
  120. Unwound Next Exit
  121. Unwound Devoid
  122. Unwound Go to Dallas and Take a Left
  123. Unwound For Your Entertainment
  124. Unwound Corpse Pose (Single Version)
  125. Unwound Everything is Weird
  126. Unwound Seen Not Heard
  127. Unwound Next Exit (Demo)
  128. Unwound Fingernails On a Chalk Board (Demo)
  129. Unwound MKULTRA (Live)
  130. Unwound Usual Dosage (Live)
  131. Unwound Empire (Demo)
  132. Unwound Data
  133. Unwound Laugh Track
  134. Unwound Meet The Plastics
  135. Unwound The World Is Flat
  136. Unwound Sonata For Loudspeakers
  137. Unwound NO TECH!
  138. Unwound Side Effects Of Being Tired
  139. Unwound Lifetime Achievement Award
  140. Unwound What Went Wrong
  141. Unwound XLNT (Untitled)
  142. Unwound Mile Me Deaf
  143. Unwound The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train
  144. Unwound Solo Sonata
  145. Unwound Laszlo
  146. Unwound Torch Song
  147. Unwound Meet The Plastics (Demo)
  148. Unwound The World Is Flat (Demo)
  149. Unwound We Invent You
  150. Unwound Look A Ghost
  151. Unwound December
  152. Unwound Treachery
  153. Unwound Terminus
  154. Unwound Demons Sing Love Songs
  155. Unwound Off This Century
  156. Unwound One Lick Less
  157. Unwound Scarlette
  158. Unwound October All Over
  159. Unwound Summer Freeze
  160. Unwound Radio Gra
  161. Unwound Below The Salt
  162. Unwound Who Cares
  163. Unwound We Invent You
  164. Unwound Terminus
  165. Unwound December
  166. Unwound Look A Ghost
  167. Unwound Scarlette
  168. Unwound Lifetime Acheivement Award
  169. Unwound Corpse Pose
  170. Unwound October All Over
  171. Unwound Arboretum
  172. Unwound Below The Salt
  173. Unwound No Tech
  174. Unwound Valentine Card
  175. Unwound Radio Gra
  176. Unwound Understand & Forget (KAOS)
  177. Unwound Miserific Condition (KAOS)
  178. Unwound Against (KAOS)
  179. Unwound Ape Skins (KAOS)
  180. Unwound Awkward (KAOS)
  181. Unwound Antifreeze (Live)
  182. Unwound Rising Blood (Live)
  183. Unwound Prospect (Live)
  184. Unwound Stuck In The Middle of Nowhere Again (Live)
  185. Unwound Hexenszene
  186. Unwound Side Effects Of Being Tired
  187. Unwound Kantina / Were, Are And Was Or Is
  188. Unwound Introduction
  189. Unwound Abstraktions
  190. Unwound Dragnalus
  191. Unwound Here Come The Dogs
  192. Unwound Arboretum
  193. Unwound For Your Entertainment