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More detritus from Mickey Rouse's Golden Triangle-based Lowland Studio. Not content with Lone Star Lowlands 22 song CD or 28 song double LP, we culled 20 more songs from our mouldering stash of tapes. Hedonistic garage, fake CCR, languid instrumentals, psychedelic flute, and even a jingle for a long-defunct car dealership. You need it, baby.

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Track List

  1. Lowland Studio Band Lizard
  2. Sassy Going Going Gone
  3. Mother Lion Down By The River
  4. Unknown Artist Untitled
  5. Bobby Welch Laughing Girl
  6. Circus Bird
  7. Sage Let Me Listen
  8. Mother Lion Simple House (Instrumental)
  9. Boot Hill Black Night Of Sorrow
  10. Insight Out My Loneliness
  11. Lowland Studio Band I Told My Woman
  12. Boot Hill Groundhog Day
  13. Sassy Gypsy Lover
  14. Breakaways Untitled
  15. Boot Hill Snap Dragon
  16. Bobby Welch Remembering You
  17. Sassy It Isn't Fair
  18. Glenn Stillwell She Came In The Night
  19. Brandy Season Of The Witch
  20. Lowland Studio Band Friendly Dodge