Album cover

White Zombie

Gods On Voodoo Moon

Recorded in two hours as the cheapest studio in the phone book, White Zombie’s sophomore single Gods On Voodoo Moon is back in print on 45 (Zombie Black, Zombie Puss, or Zombie Blood colored vinyl) for the first time since bassist Sean Yseult hand-photocopied 300 copies at the Parsons campus print shop in 1985. Limited to 2000 copies.

  • 7in EP

    1 black small hole 7"
    1 printed 7" jacket
    1 7" x 14" folded insert

Track List

  1. White Zombie Gentleman Junkie
  2. White Zombie King Of Souls
  3. White Zombie Tales From The Scare Crow Man
  4. White Zombie Cat's Eye Resurrection