Album cover

Willie Wright

Telling The Truth

Born of Harlem doo-wop roots and refined by Boston’s counterculture scene, Willie Wright arrived in Nantucket in 1976 well worn by two decades of street corner and club performing, eager to make the easy money only a private yacht clientele could guarantee. Trapped on the island over winter, a set of original songs poured into his cover-heavy set. Tales of Wright’s native roots, straight life, his abandoned four children, and the many women he had known flooded his loose leaf notebook before finally being set to tape in New York the following spring.

Tracked with George “Buzzy” Bragg and Herry Jensen (of Skull Snaps and Jimmy Castor Bunch fame, respectively) in one day with minimal overdubs, Telling The Truth was, and would remain, Willie Wright’s brightest and most inspired moment. Sold from the trunk of a car and from a handful of resort stages, the humble album disappeared into the collections and garages of Nantucket tourists, taking what was left of a near-30-year career along with it.

Track List

  1. Willie Wright Hello, Music People Of The World
  2. Willie Wright Nantucket Island
  3. Willie Wright Lady Of The Year
  4. Willie Wright I'm So Happy Now
  5. Willie Wright In The Beauty Of The Night
  6. Willie Wright Love Is Expensive
  7. Willie Wright Okay, Once Again
  8. Willie Wright Jackie's Song
  9. Willie Wright Son, Don't Let Life Pass You By
  10. Willie Wright Indian Reservation
  11. Willie Wright Dressing For The Occasion
  12. Willie Wright It's Only Life, That's All