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Album cover

Young Souls

Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come b/w Puppet On A String

The nothing that is known about the Young Souls corresponds perfectly to the band’s brief existence, during which it never even eked out a single release. Their bid to leave a recorded legacy was left to producer/manager Earl Wiley, who commissioned a demo session to capture several of his own compositions. Stripped down to their bare bones, the Young Souls burn brilliant over minimal arrangements. “Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come” is a mid-tempo stepper guaranteed to instantly earn its spot in discerning deejay play boxes, while “Puppet On A String” fulfills the tasteful group-harmony ballad prerequisite.

  • 45

    1 x standard weight 45 RPM 7”
    2 tracks totaling 7 minutes
    1 x stock Numero sleeve

Track List

  1. The Young Souls Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come
  2. The Young Souls Puppet On A String