Collection: 5000

Christmas Feelings
Eugene Viscione
Words Come Back
The Hated
Current - Feasting and Mirth
Low Down b/w Misty Blue
Cash And Carry
Sheer Magic b/w Wonderful To be Loved
Ice Cold Love
No More We Cry
The Hated
We Did It Baby
General Lee
I Can Feel The Tears b/w To-Day I Want To Stay Inside
There He Is b/w I'm Not Satisfied
Dream Team
Tamo Daleko
Branko Mataja
Steve Waltner
Frustration b/w Psychedelic Journey Part 1
The Mystic Tide
Rescue Me b/w Prophesize
Ida Sands
Like My Baby Do [EP]
The Soul Duo
Music Makes The World Go Round
Hamilton Brothers
Tebi Majko Misli Lete
Branko Mataja
Who Knows b/w Go On Fool
Marion Black
I'm To Blame b/w Sweet Dreams & Promises
Wayne Fauross
Daddy Teddybear b/w Burn The Calendar
John Washington
Pain In My Heart
Helene Smith
People Listen b/w Good Thing Going
Pryor's Love & Star Struck
Stay Away b/w Why
The Mystic Tide
Big Rumble
Red Garrison & His Zodiacs
Is It Because I'm Black ('80 Version) b/w Sock It To Me ('80 Version)
Syl Johnson
I Second That Emotion
Ginny Reilly
Can You Picture Yourself b/w Love Trip
Tony Church And The Crusade
My Life's All Right b/w Eternal Life
Shira Small
Reality b/w New Life
Steel City Band
What Can I Do (To Prove My Love Is Real) b/w Soul & Sunshine
Harvey & The Phenomenals
Laughing On The Outside
Bernadette Carroll