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Tony Palkovic

Born With A Desire

A trailblazing amalgam of elevator-friendly R&B and synth-forward smooth jazz, Tony Palkovic’s 1986 debut goes down easy as a huff of dentist-issued nitrous. Born With A Desire’s silky grooves and bursts of drum machine 1.0 endure as an ’80s vision of future earth where 8-bit graphics and pastel palettes swath a synthesizer Shangri La.

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Track List

  1. Tony Palkovic Born With A Desire
  2. Tony Palkovic True To Yourself
  3. Tony Palkovic Breath Of Sound
  4. Tony Palkovic Better Than Before
  5. Tony Palkovic Day To Day
  6. Tony Palkovic Electric Heart
  7. Tony Palkovic Hoping For A Better World