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Dream Backwards

Percolating in the same watery diner coffee that spawned American Football and Hum, C-Clamp shrugged on and off the ’90s slowcore and emo scenes in a hurry. Compiled here are the band’s two albums for the venerable Ohio Gold label—Longer Waves and Meander + Return, plus a third LP of singles and compilation tracks, and a meticulously annotated book stuffed with lyrics, photos, flyers, and ephemera from their all-too-brief existence. This one’s colder than a Chicago winter—better plug in that space heater.

Track List

  1. C-Clamp Passing
  2. C-Clamp Ten Degrees Arc
  3. C-Clamp Bats
  4. C-Clamp A Stand Still
  5. C-Clamp Glass Walls
  6. C-Clamp Morning
  7. C-Clamp Fox and the Hound
  8. C-Clamp In Glory, In Wire
  9. C-Clamp Daylight Savings
  10. C-Clamp Meridian
  11. C-Clamp Land Meets Sea
  12. C-Clamp In Tow
  13. C-Clamp Deep Green
  14. C-Clamp Minnesota
  15. C-Clamp Taste of Metal
  16. C-Clamp Heavy Light
  17. C-Clamp Cah
  18. C-Clamp Rinse
  19. C-Clamp Soft
  20. C-Clamp Ocean Pacific
  21. C-Clamp Saving Daylight
  22. C-Clamp Shorty
  23. C-Clamp Bats (All Saints Remix)
  24. C-Clamp Passing (7