Album cover

Valley of the Sun

Field Guide To Inner Harmony (2xLP)

Both a marketing firm and metaphysical mission, Valley of the Sun synthesized style and spirituality to produce an extensive catalog that at once defines and defies new age music. Founder Dick Sutphen worked with tireless devotion to spread a message he believed could change the world for the better. This 18-track Double LP overview of VOTS’ fertile 1977-1990 period includes music from Upper Astral, Robert Slap & Steve Powell, David Naegele, David Storrs, Steven Cooper, and Gloria Thomas, a 24-page booklet with extensive liner notes, J-card scans, and a hint of Sedona sand. Subliminal hypnosis likely.

Track List

  1. Upper Astral Upper Astral Suite
  2. David Naegele Temple In The Forest
  3. Slap & Powell Sex Drive
  4. David Storrs Channel For The Light (Part II)
  5. Steven Cooper Key West Afternoon VI
  6. Robert Slap Boynton Canyon
  7. Upper Astral Celestial Whispers II
  8. Steven Cooper Crystal Garden I
  9. Robert Slap UFO
  10. Robert Slap Search For Utopia II
  11. Gloria Thomas I AM
  12. Robert Slap Sands Of Time
  13. Celestial Odysseys Daystar
  14. Steven Cooper Key West Afternoon V
  15. David Storrs Aerobic Exercise Music (Driving Beat II)
  16. Robert Martin Great Peace (Guitar)
  17. David Storrs Sedona Sunrise
  18. Robert Slap East of West VIII