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Maxx Traxx

Maxx Traxx: Third Rail

There was one irrepressible Chicago club act that refused to be replaced by any DJ’s sound system. Maxx Traxx (and Third Rail before them) were a scene unto themselves in the early 80s, happening live on-stage five-plus nights a week somewhere in the 312. Their two LPs, both recorded in 1982, are like catching a bullet train, a sheer energy ride almost too explosive to be captured by studio tape. And yet these two stone classics would remain unanswered by a city as it moved determinedly toward the motorik sound of house. Hop the turnstile and move with this complete document of Chicago’s last great club band told in detailed text, newly revealed photos, and complete studio recordings painstakingly remastered.

Track List

  1. Maxx Traxx Don't Touch It!
  2. Maxx Traxx You & I
  3. Maxx Traxx Tell Me
  4. Maxx Traxx Time Has Come
  5. Maxx Traxx Let's Have A Party
  6. Maxx Traxx Living Without You
  7. Maxx Traxx To Be With You
  8. Maxx Traxx Let Me Love You
  9. Third Rail Reachin' For It
  10. Third Rail Just Had to Tell You
  11. Third Rail If You Want It (You Can Have It)
  12. Third Rail Let Me Love You
  13. Third Rail Living Without You
  14. Third Rail Mainstream