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Moods, Modes

Explore the Duster universe on the far superior 45RPM format. This deluxe triple 7” box contains Duster’s first single—1997’s Transmission Flux (including “Stars Will Fall” & “Orbitron”), 1998’s Apex, Trance-Like (featuring “Four Hours”), plus Stratosphere’s painfully absent “Echo, Bravo” and the lost 2002 outtake “What You’re Doing To Me.” Housed in replica sleeves and placed in a sturdy two-piece box, Moods, Modes also contains a Duster-branded hanky for those who like to accessorize.

Track List

  1. Duster Orbitron
  2. Duster Fuzz And Timbre
  3. Duster My Friends Are Cosmonauts
  4. Duster Closer To The Speed Of Sound
  5. Duster Stars Will Fall
  6. Duster Light Years
  7. Duster Four Hours
  8. Duster Echo, Bravo
  9. Duster What You're Doing To Me