Album cover

Super Djata Band

Volume 2

Connecting Wasulu hunter music, griot praises, Senufo pastoral dances, Fula and Mandingo repertoire alongside Western psychedelia, blues and afro-beat, Zani Diabaté’s Super Djata Band was among Mali’s top orchestras of the 1980s. On their 1982 album, Diabaté enshrines himself within the pantheon of mythical West African guitarists, hypnotically picking through eight vivid compositions on his path to godhead status.

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Track List

  1. A1 Kanou
  2. A2 Fassiya
  3. A3 Mougoutigui
  4. A4 Soundiata
  5. B1 Souraka
  6. B2 Djegnonko Djugu
  7. B3 Faux Galant
  8. B4 Zan Sourou