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You're Not From Around Here

The first of Louis Wayne Moody’s trilogy of mid-century noirs, 1964’s cloak-and- dagger drama You’re Not From Around Here follows the exploits of a reformed stickup artist known only as “The Man.” After rambling into Needles, Calif., with a burdensome secret and a chip on his shoulder, he develops an unquenchable appetite for recently widowed land baroness Adeline Tully. Ghosts of his train robbing past and abandoned family in Peoria, Ill. drive The Man’s mind towards the lonely plains of madness and regret, culminating in a deadly shootout with a crooked Sheriff and his double crossing lover.Discovered after spending 55 years on a dusty shelf in the Louis Wayne Moody Pictures vault, this previously unissued soundtrack wraps up a hobo’s bindle full of traumatic tremolo, restless reverb and existential echo, knotted with the ropes of alienation, paranoia, dark alleys, prison, prostitution, roulette, and feminine betrayal. The isolated dirt roads of self-discovery are never too far when… You're Not From Around Here.

Track List

  1. Gene Sikora A Song For Mary
  2. Cheryl Thompson Black Night
  3. Bailey's Nervous Kats First Love
  4. Don McGinnis Good Luck To You
  5. Shelley Duncan Somewhere Down The Line
  6. Attila & The Huns The Lonely Huns
  7. Alvie Self Lonely Walk
  8. Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs Dark Side Of The Moon
  9. The Jades Lost Train
  10. Hayden Thompson 16.88
  11. Slim Martin Haunted After Midnight
  12. The Expresso's Wandering
  13. Nicky Roberts Spaceman (Out Of Nowhere)
  14. Buzz Clifford Wouldn’t It Be Nice (To Have Wings And Fly)
  15. Houston And Dorsey Ebb Tide
  16. Charlie Megira Tomorrow’s Gone