Album cover

Another Taste/Maxx Traxx

Don't Touch It

Special Alert: A worldwide team-up worth its weight in black gold. Numero Group x Star Creature x Another Taste link up for a seriously HOT collabo. Despite the warning in the song title, blistered fingers and melted gig bags are being reported worldwide. Maxx Traxx’s “Don’t Touch It” has become a certified grail in recent years with its synth-heavy jazz-funk/boogie crossover sound. Rotterdam’s Another Taste has been pounding the scene with a slew of similarly-styled, contemporarily-grailed releases under various aliases across the Space Grapes label. Here the group adds some extra analog flavor plus its trademark “vintage-or-modern?” seasoning for a peak-hour floor-filling rendition of the Chicago classic. For the first time on 12” and cut at 45, Another Taste’s cover plus the Maxx Traxx original get to stretch out properly on the supreme giant disco format.

Another Taste: Known for famous YouTube comments such as; “Shbengg!”, “C’Maaaan!”, “Straight Fire”, and “This is Space Boogie”. Another Taste is the amalgamation, the realization of four brains, hearts and big souls coming together to vibe. They stay firmly grounded and in gratitude to the many music streams that influenced them. Is it boogie? Is it 70’s funk? Obscure disco? Or an ode to Burgess? It’s neither and it’s all. Indefinable yet universal. Being responsible for several releases on the Space Grapes imprint (Mad Honey, GALXTC, Jambonne), Another Taste reinvents itself with every release but remains true to the familiar. And the familiar being that which makes us hit the floor and bop heads for more.

Maxx Traxx: There was one irrepressible Chicago club act that refused to be replaced by any DJ’s sound system. Maxx Traxx (and Third Rail before them) were a scene unto themselves in the early 80s, happening live on-stage five-plus nights a week somewhere in the 312. Their two LPs, both recorded in 1982, are like catching a bullet train, a sheer energy ride almost too explosive to be captured by studio tape. And yet these two stone classics would remain unanswered by a city as it moved determinedly toward the motorik sound of house. Hop the turnstile and move with this complete document of Chicago’s last great club band told in detailed text, newly revealed photos, and complete studio recordings painstakingly remastered.


Track List

  1. Another Taste Don’t Touch It
  2. Maxx Traxx Don’t Touch It