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Glimpses of Infinity

An overview of Laraaji’s earliest works, Glimpses of Infinity gathers selections from his 1978 debut Celestial Vibration and six additional studio sessions from the era. Full of discovery and wonderment, Glimpses of Infinity is a miraculous chronicle of new age’s most fabled artist. A condensed version of the 2023's sold out 4xLP Boxset.

Pre-order: Release date is July 12th - Orders will begin shipping in late June!

Track List

  1. Laraaji Bethlehem (Glimpse)
  2. Laraaji All Pervading (Glimpse)
  3. Laraaji Segue To Infinity (Glimpse)
  4. Laraaji Kalimba 1 (Glimpse)
  5. Laraaji Koto (Glimpse)
  6. Laraaji Ocean (Glimpse)
  7. Laraaji Kalimba 2 (Glimpse)
  8. Laraaji Kalimba 4 (Glimpse)