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You Get What You Deserve

Bad vibes, habits, and breath collide on this ten-song pile up on the freeway to nowhere. Melting neo-grunge, swamprock, and noise punk in a cauldron of drug-addled psychosis, 1985's You Get What You Deserve continues Australia's prison-as-country tradition of unhinged lunacy in the face of cultural isolation. Nuke nostalgia, femme fatale sharpshooters, demolition derbies, and a vacation at Hell Beach await.


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Track List

  1. A1 Hell Beach
  2. A2 If It's The Last Thing I Do
  3. A3 Bad Priest
  4. A4 Demolition Derby
  5. A5 It Came Out Of The Sky
  6. B1 Atom Bomb Baby
  7. B2 Go Baby Go
  8. B3 Psycho Cook Supreme
  9. B4 Lead Foot
  10. B5 Murderess In A Purple Dress