Collection: Rust Side Soul

The best of the Buck-Eye state

Love Apple
Love Apple
Capitol City Soul
Eccentric Soul
The Saru Label
Eccentric Soul
Los Nombres
Los Nombres
You and Me b/w Some Other Love
Penny & the Quarters
Gently Down Your Stream
Four Mints
The Way Out Label
Eccentric Soul
Cleveland, Ohio
Boddie Recording Company
I Travel Alone
Lou Ragland
Pressed At Boddie
Local Customs
The Capsoul Label
Eccentric Soul
Acetate Box
Is The Conveyor "Understand Each Other"
Lou Ragland
The Prix Label
Eccentric Soul
Vol. 24
Rust Side Story
Hey Lady b/w Just To Be With You
Can We Try Love b/w I Want To Be Ready
Kool Blues
Demanding Men
The Sensations
"Good For The Gander" b/w "We Had True Love"
Hot Chocolate
"What Should I Do" b/w "Understand Each Other"
Lou Ragland & Hot Chocolate
"I Can't Take It" b/w "What The Doctor Prescribed"
Lou Ragland & Hot Chocolate
Sheer Magic b/w Wonderful To be Loved
Ice Cold Love
Gloria b/w You Brought The Sunshine
Young Mods
Tears Don't Care Who Cries b/w For The Rest Of My Life
Out of Sights