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Various Artists

If There's Hell Below...

The spiritual sequel to Dante Carfagna's landmark Black rock mix tape Chains and Black Exhaust, this 13 track compilation exhumes forgotten brilliance from the Afroamerican underground of the 1970s. Awash in fuzzed-out guitars, wah-wah pedals, lysergic-soaked grooves, and enough inflation depression to fill the tank of a shag wagon, If There’s Hell Below imagines a world where Hendrix lived and Funkadelic never crawled out of the garage.

Track List

  1. Three Days Ahead LPF Rolling Love [Part 2]
  2. Little Ed & The Soundmasters Band It's A Dream
  3. The Basement Funky Music (Messin' With My Mind)
  4. Directory World And Creation
  5. Stone Coal White You Know
  6. Creations Unlimited Chrystal Illusion
  7. Solid Gold Ft. Alexander Love Message to Planet Earth
  8. Iron Force Sweet Poison
  9. Sir Stanley I Believe
  10. Flying Wedge I Can't Believe
  11. Muse Sunshine Road
  12. Iron Knowledge Show-Stopper
  13. The Young Senators Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) [Part 2]