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They Move In The Night

The second of Louis Wayne Moody’s trilogy of mid-century noirs, 1966’s runaway adventure They Move In The Night follows the escapades of  “The Kids”—teenage siblings Cara and Applejack Seaworth—as they set out across America by thumb, rail, and bicycle in search of their long lost father—”The Man.” Hunted by the F.B.I., P.T.A., C.T.A., animal control, and a wicked grandmother dead set on claiming their inheritance, The Kids must come to grips with their orphaned reality and an unyielding future.

Discovered after spending 58 years on a dusty shelf in the Louis Wayne Moody Pictures vault, this previously unissued soundtrack contains a backpack’s worth of grieving guitars, somber surf, and haunting hiss, zipped tight with the teeth of abandonment, dashed dreams, moral ambiguity, fate, tearful goodbyes, and lukewarm diner coffee. Because the long arm of society nips at their heels... They Move In The Night.

Track List

  1. Branko Mataja Tuzna Je Nedelija
  2. Steve Waltner Tropic Waters
  3. Bill Garland Lonesome Guitar
  4. Red Garrison & His Zodiacs Taboo
  5. Jody Reynolds Tarantula
  6. The Infernos Restless Tides
  7. The Dropouts Purple Sea
  8. Ron Heiss & The Low Notes Far Away
  9. Bailey’s Nervous Kats Rumble
  10. The Travelers Melody Of The Moon
  11. Tommy Dae’s High Tensions Lost Horizon
  12. Johnny Blue Crying Guitar
  13. The Floresents Dreamtime
  14. Kay Johnson Walk Through The Valley
  15. The Gospel Hawaiinaires Life’s A Railway To Heaven
  16. X-Cetra Wasn't There