Album cover

The Hated

Best Piece of Shit Vol. 4

This one’s been teased for awhile, decades even. The Hated box set was an idea before Numero was an idea. Today we’re pleased to announce the first of five planned Hated collections that we’ll be rolling out over the next several years. Up first is Best Piece Of Shit Vol. 4, which compiles the Annapolis quartet’s earliest explorations into revolution summer emo. Spread across two LPs is the band’s 1985 debut cassette, the No More We Cry EP, and 14 period bonus tracks from these hardcore hooligans. We’ve also made a limited 7”+CD+tape edition with an additional five bonus tracks. Andrew Gephardt and Ken Shipley provide lengthy essays on the band and scene, illustrated by dozens of photographs from the band’s archive. We’ve got 500 copies broken bone white wax on both, but not for long. The Hated on Numero… Never said it’d be like this, right?

  1. Hey Mister
  2. I Don’t Like You
  3. Somewhere
  4. Intro/Your Mind
  5. Words Come Back
  6. No Meaning
  7. Hate Me
  8. The Good Old Days
  9. Touch It
  10. Rubber Bullets
  11. Your Mind (Soundcheck)
  12. Crime - Fit Of Rage
  13. Defender
  14. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
  15. Everything Is Going Wrong (Electricity Is On The Run)
  16. Words Come Back (piano)
  17. We Ain’t Free
  18. Martyrs On The Reason
  19. Hated Project
  20. Waiting
  21. Theme From Lotus
  22. We Are The Cheese/FTW
  23. Got A Gun
  24. Hate Me (At Bonner’s House)
  25. Never Is Always Around
  26. In The Addition (CD ONLY)
  27. Your Mind (Alternative Take) (CD ONLY)
  28. Improbable Demands (CD ONLY)
  29. At Breakfast (CD ONLY)
  30. Restlessness Is Empty (CD ONLY)