Collection: Eccentric Soul 45s

You and Me b/w Some Other Love
Penny & the Quarters
Saturday Night b/w More Than Enough
Universal Togetherness Band
Burning Up b/w The Taste Of Honey
Donnell Pitman
To Prove My Love b/w Vocal Version
Ned Doheny
I Can't Stand It b/w Only Yesterday
Thelma Jones
Try Me b/w Teach Me How
Express Your Love b/w Cry Love
The Sweet & Innocent
I've Got Another b/w Southside Chicago
Otis Brown
My Sentiment b/w Missing You
Universal Togetherness Band
Do Your Stuff Pt. 1 b/w Part 2
Perk Badger
Rush b/w You Bring Me Up
Jesus Wayne
Jungle b/w That's The Way It Is
The Young Senators
Yamar b/w Words To My Song
Dry Bread
Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Part 1 b/w Part 2
The Young Senators
Because You're Funky b/w No Words
Funka Fize
Strange Happenings b/w Living In The Past
Unnatural Funk Band
Try It (You'll Like It) b/w Intro
Master Plan Inc.
Sock It To Me b/w Is It Because I'm Black
Deacons & Fabulous Fascinators feat. the Royal Revue
Poon Tang Thump Part 1 b/w Part 2
The Devastator b/w I Won't Stop To Cry
Let Me Be Free b/w Every Now And Then
Sonia Ross
The Number Runner
Eddie & the Ant Hill Mob
Time After Time b/w Now She's Gone
Step By Step
Soul Strokes b/w Remind Me
Sidney Pinchback & The Schiller Street Gang
This Time I'm For Real b/w That Girl
Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come b/w Puppet On A String
Young Souls
Wait A Minute b/w Wait A Minute (Instrumental)
Eddie Ray
Don't Down Me People Pt. 1 b/w Pt. 2
Memphis Soul
Hurts So Bad b/w I Think Of You
Signs of the Time
Powerful Love b/w The Bear
Chuck & Mac
Wait For Me b/w Just Fun
Brown Bombers & Soul Partners
Now I Can Hold My Head Up High b/w If You're Looking For Love