Collection: Main Line

The Capsoul Label
Eccentric Soul
Against The Odds: 1974-1982
Récit Historique De Bobo Dioulasso
Echo Del Africa National
In Cuca Country
Driftless Dreamers
Love Apple
Love Apple
Over Fields And Mountains
Branko Mataja
Born Again Funk
Good God!
Smart’s Palace
Eccentric Soul
To Prove My Love b/w Vocal Version
Ned Doheny
The Big Mack Label
Eccentric Soul
A Red Black & Green Production
Eccentric Soul
The Short Films of Al Jarnow
Celestial Navigations
Field Guide To Inner Harmony (2xLP)
Valley of the Sun
Twinight's Lunar Rotation
Eccentric Soul
The Shiptown Label (2xLP)
Eccentric Soul
The Dynamic Label
Eccentric Soul
Ladies From The Canyon
Wayfaring Strangers
Circuit Overload (The Living Years)
The Tragar & Note Labels
Eccentric Soul
Ladies From The Canyon Bonus EP
Susan Pilsbury, Susan Smith
Omnibus Vol. 1
Eccentric Soul